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Department of Geography

Greenlandic fjord ecosystems in a changing climate: Socio-cultural and environmental interactions

Within the cryosphere cluster of the GreenFjord project, GIUZ researchers investigate processes of glacier calving and iceberg export, as well as the resulting hydro-dynamics and nutrient fluxes in the fjord.

Green Fjord (Image: Ethan Welty)

Southern Greenlandic fjord systems are emblematic landscapes at the heart of the socio-economic and cultural environments of local communities. Accelerated climate change impacts southern Greenland fjord ecosystems and livelihoods profoundly on land and in the ocean. Fjords are particularly vulnerable because they lie at the nexus between the cryosphere, ocean, land, atmosphere and biosphere.

The GreenFjord project explores the socio-cultural and environmental interactions by focusing on two different fjord systems: a marine and a terrestrial terminating glacier. The efforts are organised around six clusters: cryosphere, land, ocean, atmosphere, biodiversity and humans.

Image: Ethan Welty


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Prof. Andreas Vieli
Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics
Department of Geography, UZH