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Department of Geography

New Assistant Professorship in Labour Geography

On August 1, 2021, Karin Schwiter started her new position as Assistant Professor for Labour Geography. The new professorship is co-funded by the UZH Digital Society Initiative and allows us to position GIUZ in a promising research field at the intersection of labour geography and digitalization.

Karin Schwiter

Karin has a long-standing interest in processes of inclusion and exclusion in labour markets and has worked extensively on emerging markets for home care services. More recently, she has begun to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by the rise of online labour platforms in Switzerland and beyond. She and her group approach these issues from a perspective sensitive to the ways in which every day work and care experiences are patterned by gender inequalities.

Karin holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Basel and was a "Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin" in the Economic Geography group before taking up her new position. She will strengthen the Human Geography thematic area in our department. A warm welcome!


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