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Department of Geography

GIUZ treasures on Swiss television

Measuring instruments of the Swiss Arctic researcher Alfred de Quervain are among the historical treasures of GIUZ. They were featured in the "Sternstunde Philosophie" on Swiss television.


Alfred de Quervain took the theodolite and the sextant with him on his expeditions to Greenland in 1909 and 1912. Thanks to his measurements, there are 100-year-old data on the tongue of the Eqip glacier at the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. These make long-term comparisons and insights into the dynamics of the glaciers possible. For this reason, the Eqip glacier has become an important research object of the Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics unit at GIUZ.

Sternstunde Philosophie: Humboldt - ein Vordenker der Klimaproteste? (in German)
SRF, 27. Oktober 2019
He was a superstar of science and a pioneer of the environmental movement: Alexander von Humboldt, who was born 250 years ago, travelled half the world, criticised slavery and colonialism - and was the first to warn of climate change.
(Historical measuring instruments from minute 8:10)

Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics Group, UZH

Picture: Screenshot SRF