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"People in Japan believe in the future, but they also love the retro design of their internet"

Sara Irina Fabrikant is leaving the Swiss Science Council after eight years. She has learnt that political work requires a lot of patience and persistence. Now she is writing a book on improving access to geographic information on mobile devices.

Sara I. Fabrikant

You were a member of the Science Council for eight years. What have you taken away from this time?

I had the privilege of working with smart people from different science and innovation contexts to advise the Federal Council and society on issues related to education, research and innovation in Switzerland. I was particularly interested in the ongoing digitalisation and its impact on our education and science system. One of my strengths is the diversity of our education system and the diversity that a small and multilingual country like Switzerland produces. The "one-size-fits-all" strategy, which may be successful in other countries, can hardly be implemented profitably here. I am also aware that political work requires a great deal of patience and perseverance. Science, business and society operate on different time scales, and this has to be taken into account.

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Blog of the Swiss Science Council, 13.12.2023

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Sara Irina Fabrikant, Prof. Dr.
Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis