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Department of Geography

Andreas Vieli
Andreas Vieli, Prof. Dr.

Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics

Tel.: 044 63 55120
Room number: Y25 K 54


1997: Diploma in Physics at ETH Zürich
2001: Phd in Nat. Sc. ETH Zürich on the dynamics of calving glaciers
2001-2005: Postdoc at School Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, UK
2005-2013: Lecturer and Reader at Department of Geography, Durham University, UK
since 2013: Chair of Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics Group (3G) at Department of Geography, University of Zurich 


Research Interests

  • Glacier dynamics and related processes
  • Ice sheet dynamics and interaction with ocean
  • Flow modelling of glaciers and ice sheets
  • Geomorphodynamics in high high moubntain areas


  • Understanding and quantifying the transient dynamics and evolution of debris-covered glaciers (PIs: Vieli/Bolch, Phd Moelg/)
  • Understanding long-term outlet calving dynamics with a combined field,- remote-sensing- and modelling approach (PIs: Luethi/Vieli/Small, Phds: Mercenier/Rohner).
  • X-Sense II: MEMS acoustic detectors for natural hazard warning systems (PIs: Thiele/Beutel/Hierold/Vieli/Faillettaz, Phds: Cicoira/Weber)
  • GLAMOS Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (in collaboration with VAW (ETHZ) and University of Fribourg
  • PERMOS Swiss Monitoring Network for Permafrost (in collaboration with PERMOS-partners)