The Department of Geography, University of Zürich, belongs to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It is the largest Geography Department in Switzerland and offers a wide range of teaching and research facilities.

It is divided into three research fields and its research units, and the Geography Teacher Training i.e.:

Physical Geography 

Glaciology & Geomorphodynamics Group (3G)
Soil Science and Biogeochemistry (2B)
Hydrology and Climate (H2K)
Geochronology (GCH)

Human Geography

Human Geography (HGG)
Political Geography (PGG)
Economic Geography (WGG)
Space & Organization (S&O)

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geographic Information Visualization & Analysis (GIVA)
Geographic Information Geocomputation (GCO)
Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL)
Multimodal Remote Sensing (MMRS)

Geography Teacher Training

Geography Teacher Training (GTT)




Student advisory board

Computing / IT