Committees and bodies

Committes and bodies at Departmental level

Description and tasks Chair Members Lifetime of delegates Meetings
The Board of Directors is the executive board of the Department. The board  oversees the activities of the Department and takes decisions with respect to organizational, personnel, teaching and infrastructure issues. Head of Department Head of Department, Head of Teaching, Head of Infrastructure, Managing Director, Teaching Director, Communications Officer; Link The professorial staff of the Board is appointed for 2 years, recently in August 2016 Biweekly, on Thursdays, 14-16h
The Direktorium is the body of professors of the Department. The members discuss strategic questions and the Direktion informs about decisions taken by the Direktion/Faculty/University. Head of Department All Professors of the Department, Managing Director, Teaching Director Permanent Monthly during the semester, on Thursdays, 14-16h, for upcoming dates see calendar
Institutsversammlung (InVers)      
The InVers is the decision taking body on major changes and strategic issues concering the organizational and teaching issues. The members take decisions on strategic issues and the chair informs about news/changes and decisions taken by the Department/Faculty/University. Head of Department Faculty members of the Department, delegates of the bodies (PD's, Mittelbau, support staff, students); in advisory capacity: delegates of the professorships and groups represented in "Direktorium", Managing director, Teaching director,  permanent guests: Coordinator Division V Geoscience, Student Advisory Board, Communications Officer Unlimited Once a semester, on Thursdays, 14-16h, for upcoming dates see departmental calendar
Mitarbeitendenversammlung (MAV)      
The MAV is a mandatory get together for all staff members at the Department. The Board of Directors informs about ongoings in and around the department incl. staff changes; selected senior staff members hold research talks Head of Department Department staff Permanent Once a semester, on Thursdays, 14-16h, for upcoming dates see departmental calendar
Ausschuss Lehre      
The Teaching Committee elaborates solutions for an optimized curriculum and takes decisions on organizational issues regarding studying and teaching. The committee discusses strategic questions regarding the curriculum, course and exam planning and takes decisions on admissions to Master's programs

Project wiki (close user group)

Teaching director Head of Teaching, Teaching Director, Geoscience Coordinator, Study Advisory Board, Working group exam organization, Communications Officer and Delegates of the core disciplines, the Teacher Training Unit, the Earth System Science study program and the students Unlimited Twice a semester, on Thursdays, 14-16h, for upcoming dates see departmental calendar
IT Fokus Gruppe      
Assures the communication flow from and to the divisions, exchange and feedback on IT issues Rotating Head Infra, leading IT Manager, Managing Director, one groupleader of each unit, student delegate Unlimited Once a semester, on Thursdays, 11-12h, dates see calendar
Graduate School, Scientific Advisory Board
Provide input on all matters relating to the curriculum and running of the Graduate School. Director of the Graduate School One Professor and one PhD student from each of the three core disciplines within the department. Graduate School Unlimited Once a semester
Innovationspool (InnoPool), Steering Committee
The InnoPool stimulates and supports cross-disciplinary and cross-unit collaborations within the Department by providing seed funding for collaborative projects. The steering committee evaluates the proposals. Lead and members, please see InnoPool Unlimited  
Koordinationssitzung Institutsdienste      
The aim of this meeting is to define and improve operational processes and procedures uniformly in the Department. Head Infrastructure Thematic secretariat leader, delegates of secretary staff per thematic area, Managing Director, delegate of institute's secretariat, Teaching Director, delegate of library, IT delegate, Communications Officer, Head Infrastructure  Permanent Three times per semester, usually Thursdays, 08.30-09.30 h, for upcoming dates see calendar

Confidential advice

For students Ross Purves  
For staff Norman Backhaus, Yvonne Scheidegger Jung, Gary Seitz Tasks (PDF, 124 KB)

Fachbereich V Geoscience

Head Members of the council Meetings
Benedikt Korf (Head of Department, GIUZ) Timothy Eglington (ERDW ETH), Christoph Heinrich (ERDW ETH), Karin Mellini (ERDW ETH/ Teaching Management), Hugo Bucher (PIM UZH), Bernhard Schmid (IEU UZH), Kai Niebert (IFE UZH Science Education), Sara Fabrikant (Head of Teaching GIUZ), Ross Purves (Head Infra, GIUZ), Markus Egli (GIUZ/PD/TP), Samuel Abiven (Non-professorial Staff, GIUZ/ESS), Michael Schmidt (GIUZ/ESS), Philippe Meuret (FB5/Teaching Management GEO), Rogier De Jong (FB5/Teaching Management ESS), Yvonne Scheidegger (GIUZ/ Teaching director), Christoph Schönenberger (GEO/ESS, Student Representative) Once a semester

Science Faculty (MNF)

Faculty Board (Fakultätsausschuss) Prof. Benedikt Korf
Committee for Student Affairs (Studienkommission) Prof. Sara Fabrikant
Academic Career Development Committee (Kommission für Forschung und Nachwuchsförderung) Prof. Christian Berndt, Prof. Andreas Vieli, Sanne Diek
Communications Committee (Kommission Kommunikation) Prof. Ross Purves, Dr. Magdalena Seebauer
Gender Equality Committee (Gleichstellungskommission) Prof. Ulrike Müller-Böker, Prof. Norman Backhaus, Ruth Hunkeler
Academic Conduct Committee (Lauterkeitskommission) Prof. Robert Weibel
Sustainability Committee (Kommission Nachhaltigkeit) Prof. Norman Backhaus

MOOC Commission

Prof. Jan Seibert


International Relations Commission Prof. Ulrike Müller-Böker                     
North-South Cooperation, Steering Committee Prof. Benedikt Korf
Stiftung Wissenschaftliche Forschung Prof. Christian Berndt
Digital Society Initiative Prof. Sara I. Fabrikant
Personalkommission PD Christian Huggel
Steuerungsgruppe Interne Weiterbildung Prof. Sara I. Fabrikant
MOOC Committee Prof. Jan Seibert

Further commissions and bodies

GIUZ is associate member of the Departement of Earth Sciences ETHZ

Prof. M. Schmidt                                                                    
Coordination with the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Science UZH Prof. M. Schaepman
Fachkonferenzgruppe UZH - PHZH (Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich) Prof. S. Fabrikant, Dr. Sara Landolt
Koordinationsgruppe UZH - PHZH (Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich) Dr. Sara Landolt
Kontaktgruppe GIUZ -  IfE (Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften, Abteilung Lehrerbildung Maturitätsschulen) Dr. Itta Bauer, Dr. Sara Landolt
HSGYM-Kerngruppe (Schnittstelle Hochschule-Gymnasien) Dr. Itta Bauer, Dr. Sara Landolt
VGD-CH (Verband Geographiedidaktik Schweiz) Dr. Itta Bauer, Dr. Sara Landolt
Kommission Gymnasium-Universität (KGU) Dr. Itta Bauer