Representative Bodies: Delegates at GIUZ

Members of the representative bodies have the right to take part in decision-making at UZH. To this end they may appoint delegates to various committees, including departmental committees (as the "Institutsversammlung InVers").

The GIUZ maintains mailing lists for their members of stands WNW, FFL and ATP. The contact persons for the mailing lists are the delegates of the respective stand.

Delegates at GIUZ


  • Students enrolled at UZH on Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs or Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education

Andrea Bringolf (Deputy: Joana Vonlaufen)
Nicolas Beglinger (Deputy: Joana Vonlaufen)

Geoteam - Fachverein Geographie und Erdsystemwissenschaften Universität Zürich

Junior Researchers (WNW)

  • Enrolled PhD candidates at UZH (whether employed by the university or not)
  • Researchers in junior academic positions (student assistants, teaching and research assistants, senior teaching and research assistants, post-docs)

Carlotta Reh (Deputy: Carmen Meiller)
Dario Püntener (Deputy: Manuel Wirth)

Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff (FFL)

  • Academic associates
  • Teaching staff with a private-law employment contract
  • Teaching staff who are remunerated according to a posting agreement

Martin Lüthi (Deputy: Sara Landolt)
Tumasch Reichenbacher (Deputy: Itta Bauer)

Administrative and Technical Staff (ATP)

  • People who are employed at UZH and who are generally not involved in research and teaching

Isabelle Wüest (Deputy: Philippe Meuret)
Thomas Keller (Deputy: Philippe Meuret)