Space, Nature and Society

In our group, we concentrate on questions and perceptions of nature and landscapes, especially those surrounding parks, biodiversity, agriculture, conservation, and climate change. We analyze the various justifications that influence negotiations over nature and landscapes, use social theory to interrogate power dynamics inherent in these, and engage various stakeholders to find creative solutions. In our blog post we explain our aims and mission.

Further foci: geographies of young people and education, migration, urban night life and teacher education



  • Unterschiedliche Landschafts­wahrnehmungen erschweren oft den konstruk­tiven Dialog über die künftige Ent­wicklung unseres Lebens­raums. Das Konzept der Landschafts­leistungen bietet hier Unter­stü ...


  • A new website explains the under­standing of „landscape services“ and lists re­commen­dations and good practice examples – an outcome of a research project by the Space, Nature & ...


  • We are delighted to invite you to the public PhD Defence of Qobiljon Shokirov:

    "Adaptions of Wildlife Conservation and Socioeconomic and Geopolitical Change in the Pamir Region of ...


  • Ein Dokumentationsfilm zeigt am Beispiel eines Landschaftsschutzgebiets an der Kantonsgrenze Thurgau - St. Gallen auf, wie ein Forschungsprojekt des GIUZ einen partizipativen Prozess in Gang ...


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