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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

Possible MSc Topics

Please be aware that the topics listed here are current ideas/suggestions and are often related to ongoing research projects in our group. Therefore, possible topics might be adapted to changed opportunities in these larger projects and to your specific interests. Please contact us for more information. Usually it useful to meet early with the potential supervisor(s) to discuss the scope of the project.

Topic Contact/Supervision

Greenhouse gas evasion from ephemeral streams in Northern Sweden

More information (PDF, 8 KB)

Ilja van Meerveld

Forest response to drought following a long-term soil moisture manipulation experiment - Fieldwork in Pfynwald, Switzerland (2 Master projects)

More information (PDF, 2 MB)

Elham Freund

What is the optimal number of donor catchments for parameter regionalization in hydrology?

More information (PDF, 75 KB)

Franziska Clerc
Ilja van Meerveld
Jan Seibert

Think multidimensionally: How well do we sample the parameter space when searching for optimal parameter sets in hydrological modelling?

More information (PDF, 71 KB)

Jan Seibert
Marc Vis
Franziska Clerc

Differences in the chemistry of perennial and intermittent streams

Ilja van Meerveld

The color of stream water: A GIS analysis of river names

Ilja van Meerveld

Groundwater flow in a pre-Alpine wetland

Ilja van Meerveld

Tree water uptake depth for seasonally flooded forests in the Pantanal

Ilja van Meerveld

Intermittent stream monitoring in protected areas in Poland based on citizen science approaches

Ilja van Meerveld
Crowd-based observation approaches in hydrology Jan Seibert
What is the spatial variation in soil depth and bedrock topography in the Studibach catchment? Ilja van Meerveld
Topographic wetness indices to describe spatial variations of soil moisture Jan Seibert
Value of different types of hydrological data (snow, groundwater, soil moisture) in hydrological modelling Jan Seibert
How does information content change from a data source to the input data of a model? Information theory approach Maria Staudinger
Appropriate time resolution of precipitation data for flood estimation in small catchments Maria Staudinger
Daniel Viviroli
Emme flood in summer 2022 – feasibility study integrating radar precipitation data for event simulation  Maria Staudinger
Daniel Viviroli

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Interdisciplinary Master's thesis topics

Interested in doing an interdisciplinary Master's thesis at the Department of Geography? Have a look at the list of currently available topics involving two or more research divisions of the Department of Geography. 

Please note

The MSc thesis can be written either in English or in German, depending on the agreement with the supervisor(s).

Master's Thesis and Exam