MSc Topics

Hillslope hydrology in the HILLSCAPE Project

These MSc theses are part of the HILLSCAPE project.

1.) Overland flow patterns:

How do hillslope surface characteristics in a proglacial area change during landscape development and how do they affect overland flow patterns?

2.) Water chemistry:

Change of hillslope water chemistry and event-based surface flow ratio during landscape development in a proglacial area of the Swiss Alps.

Fabian Maier, Ilja van Meerveld

Training people to better estimate discharge

This master thesis is part of the CrowdWater PhD project. The thesis aims at quantifying the effect of training on peoples ability to estimate discharge.
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Barbara Strobl, Jan Seibert

Flood processes and river signatures

This master thesis aims at identifying flood processes in pre-alpine catchments with river signatures.
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Anna Sikorska, Jan Seibert

Evapotranspiration and plant phenology

This master thesis aims at investigating the value of plant phenological data for modelling runoff in two Swiss catchments.
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Maria Staudinger, Jan Seibert

Further possible topics

Water level estimation from time series of crowd-sourced images. A collaborative Master thesis project of the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. This master thesis is part of the CrowdWater PhD project. More information (PDF, 119 KB)

Jan Seibert, Ilja van Meerveld

How accurate is precipitation information? An uncertainty analysis of different precipitation data sets.
Anna Sikorska

Discharge – water level relation in alpine catchments. An uncertainty analysis of influencing factors.
Anna Sikorska

How does soil water chemistry change with depth below the soil surface and distance to the stream in the Alptal catchment?
Leonie KiewietIlja van Meerveld

How do groundwater and stream water interact in small alpine streams?
Rick AssendelftIlja van Meerveld

What is the spatial variation in soil depth and bedrock topography in the Studibach catchment?
Ilja van Meerveld

Amount, timing and chemistry of overland flow in a small pre-Alpine catchment?
Ilja van Meerveld

Effects of continued land degradation on runoff responses in Madagascar
(data analyses and literature study; good knowledge of French required)
Ilja van Meerveld

The value of different types of data for hydrological modelling.
Jan Seibert

Crowd-based observation approaches in hydrology.
Jan Seibert

Stream network dynamics – where do the streams begin?
Jan Seibert

Landscape analysis of variation in stream discharge for a boreal region in Northern Sweden.
Jan Seibert

Resourcenprojekt Leimental

  • Charakterisierung des Entwässerungssystem/Drainagesystem mit topographischen Indices (z.B. topographic wetness index)
  • Quantifizierung des Anteils von Oberflächabfluss mit Hilfe von Isotopen

Nadine Konz, Kanton Basel-Land

Lernen durch Beteiligung - Kommunikation zwischen Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft am Beispiel des Projektes CrowdWater
Barbara Strobl