Master's thesis and exam

Usually the Master’s thesis is completed with 30 ECTS credits. The following sections therefore refer to GEO 511 / ESS 511 (Master's thesis 30 ECTS credits).

The procedure of the Master's thesis is described in more detail in the information sheet.

Information Sheet on the Master's Thesis 30 ECTS Credits (GEO 511 / ESS 511) and the Master's Exam (GEO 512 / ESS 512) (PDF, 229 KB)



Plagiarism is understood as the use or imitation of other people’s work, either wholly or partially, without acknowledging the source and the author. In principle, plagiarism is an infringement of copyright law. Short passages from another author may be quoted; however, this is subject to the requirement that the quotation is marked as such and the source is cited. Information of the UZH on the penalization of plagiarism