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Department of Geography

Master of Science (MSc)

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Study Guide Earth System Science

More about Study Guide Earth System Science

The Department of Geography offers the following options for a Master's degree:


  • General Geography
  • Emphasis on Physical Geography
  • Emphasis on Human Geography
  • Emphasis on Remote Sensing
  • Emphasis on Geographic Information Science and Systems

All programs follow the principle of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and require 90 ECTS credits without minor. There is an option to chose a Minor subject of additional 30 ECTS credits during the Master's studies. Master students who want to declare a minor subject in their diploma, have to register the minor subject in the (online) semester enrollment. In this case, students must earn a total of 120 ECTS credits in order to obtain their Master's degree.

Earth System Science

The department of Geography and the department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Science jointly offer a Master's program culminating in the title Master of Earth System Science UZH. This program requires 90 ECTS credits, including a master's thesis.

This master's program provides in-depth training regarding geo-biosphere, hydro-atmosphere and human-environment relations in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the Earth system along with its interactions and correlations between the systems.

Overview and Guidelines

General information about the structure of the Master's program and about individual modules and other important information are provided in the overview and guidelines on the right-hand side.

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Earth System Science - Module overview Master