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Department of Geography

Information for new Students

The Department of Geography at the University of Zurich (in German: “Geographisches Institut der Universität Zürich”) is pleased to welcome you as a new student. To make it easier for you to start your studies, here is an overview of the most important Links and Information for new students.


To navigate the UZH campus effectively, check out the Guidance. It provides lots of tips on how to find your way around UZH.

Study at GIUZ

For your Start, take a look at our website. The subpage Downloads / Guidelines provides you with lots of essential documents. For questions about your study program, it is often helpful to read the study guide (Bachelor / Master). If you still have questions despite - or maybe also because of - the amount of information, the student advisory team is happy to help you.

Student Association

Our student association, Geoteam, organizes various events. Especially the DoBar is always a good opportunity to meet other students.

Important Accesses and Information

UZH Login After you have enrolled, you can download your personal password letter with your access data from the application portal. In it you will find your UZH short name and your new UZH e-mail address (usually You will need this login to log in to most UZH platforms.

UZH Application portal

Further Info about Passwords and Accounts

UZH Mail (Outlook) As soon as you have received your access data, you can set up your e-mail account. You will be informed about UZH and GIUZ matters by e-mail. The Geoteam (student association) and the Student Advisory Service also provide information via this channel. We recommend that you check your inbox regularly so that you don't miss any information.

Further Infos about the  email

UZH Card If you are successfully enrolled and have paid the semester fees, you should automatically receive your UZH Card by post.  After that, you will need to revalidate it each semester at the validation stations.

Further Infos about the UZH Card

UZH App The UZH app bundles the canteen plans, your student schedule, your digital UZH Card and much more.

Further Infos about the UZH App

Study Portal All administrative processes are managed directly in the student portal, such as booking modules, creating timetables, retrieving grades, submitting applications and much more. Study portal
OLAT After booking your modules, the online learning platform OLAT gives you access to all module documents and the opportunity to ask questions in a forum or directly to the lecturers.


Further Info about OLAT

VPN To access the UZH network off campus, you need the VPN, which works with the UZH login.

Further Infos about the VPN

Here you will find further IT Infos  GIUZ IT

UZH Printer und GIUZ Printer

The GIUZ has 6 printers in the institute. All GUIZ students have a printing quota for these, so you can print your exercises and reports there with your UZH Card.

There are also UZH printers all around UZH, where you can print with your UZH Card, but these cost depending on the color and size.

Further Infos about the GIUZ Printers

Further Infos about the UZH Printers

If you have any further questions or if anything is unclear, you are welcome to contact the Student Advisory.