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In order to obtain the Master's degree, the Master's examination must be passed. This examination takes place after the presentation of the Master's thesis and is designed to test the depth of knowledge on the topic covered.

Degree application

The Master's degree is not awarded automatically based on the ECTS credits earned. An application must be submitted in the student portal under "Study progress & degree". You will then receive an email asking you to complete the degree in Student Admin. However, this can only be done as soon as all academic achievements have been entered.

In the "Study progress & degree" app, certain modules from other faculties cannot be assigned to the geography elective area, even though they can be credited. This is a technical problem. Shortly before applying for graduation, affected students must therefore contact the Dean of Studies Office of the MNF ( They must clearly state which modules they would like to have credited and where. The Office of the Dean of Studies will then make the appropriate adjustments.

If all conditions are fulfilled, the corresponding title will be validated at the next meeting of the Committee for Student Affairs by the Faculty of Science, but only if the application was submitted at least two weeks before the meeting. The information is then forwarded to the study coordinator and finally to the Office of Student Affairs, so that the application is submitted to the Office of Student Affairs at least one week before the meeting. As long as the application is submitted in week 7 resp. week 37, the degree can still be processed for fall semester resp. spring semester.

Instruction for graduation with Student Portal

Request for degree via Student Admin

Dates of MNF Committee for Student Affairs Meetings

Diploma certificate

The diploma certificate is written in both, German and English. It contains the weighted average grade from the grades achieved during the course of study, which is calculated in accordance with the study regulations. The emphasis (Physical Geography/Human and Economic Geography/Remote Sensing/GIS/General Geography) is mentioned in the title. Separate grades will be awarded for the major and minor. The diploma certificate is accompanied by a list of the completed modules with the according ECTS credit points, as well as the "Diploma Supplement", which contains general information about the courses of study in Switzerland and in particular about the University of Zurich.

Surplus credit points

It is possible to credit up a maximum of 10 additional ECTS credits to each study unit (major and minor). Any surplus elective or core elective modules which should not be included in the average grade can be specified when applying for the Master’s degree. All additional ECTS credits are listed in the final transcript of records as “not credited modules”, but are not included in the final average grade.

Semester fees

Semester fees must be paid up to and including the semester in which the services of the university are received. This also includes taking the Master's exam and the validation of the Master's degree.

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Degree Request

In order to obtain the Master's degree, the request must be submitted via the following web link:

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