Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis (GIVA)

The GIVA group is responsible for teaching and research in geographic information science at the GIScience Center of the Department of Geography, together with the GIS and Geocomputation groups.

GIVA Mission

Discover and teach new insights on how to creatively design geographic information displays that encourage healthy engagements with the world.

Our Vision

Smart geographic information displays that offer equitable access to knowledge, are engaging to use, and empower all citizens to live a healthy and environmentally sustainable life, in a diverse, democratic, and mobile digital information society.

More on our research interests...

We develop adaptive visualizations of geographically relevant information for mobile, digital citizens
Emotions in New York City tweets during Covid-19
Flu in canton Bern, July 1918 - December 1919
Assessing the effectiveness of pedestrian navigation assistant systems
Dynamically changing map design based on neurofeedback and user emotions