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Department of Geography Social Geography and Urban Studies


News list

  • KoLab

    Teaching Turned Upside Down

    In the “City without Papers” project, geography students collaboratively investigate undocumented migrants’ precarious living conditions. This new type of teaching format is devoted to addressing current questions in urban studies research and in the process challenges traditional roles in science and teaching.

  • Adela Petrovic's Transient Doctoral Research Journey

    Adela Petrovic's Transient Doctoral Research Journey at SURB

    Delving into the complexities of gentrification dynamics and urban transformation processes, Adela Petrovic embarks on a six-month doctoral research stay at SURB in February 2024.

  • ZAZH Podium


    Hanna Hilbrandt (UZH) und Martin Zimmermann (Universität München) im Gespräch mit Andreas Victor Walser (ZAZH), Dienstag, 20. Februar 2024, 18.15 Uhr

  • Toolkit for research-based collaboration

    New publication: Research-based collaboration: A toolkit for teaching and learning

    ZÜRI URBAN, the teaching-research initiative of the Social Geography and Urban Studies group, published a toolkit that provides practical tools, resources, and examples to educators for implementing collaborative and innovative teaching.

  • Symposium Urban Politics

    Upcoming Symposium: The urban politics of infra-density

    Join us for an upcoming symposium on the urban politics of infra-density on the 14th of December 2023.

  • Podium Wohnungsnot 2023

    Wohnungsnot – was kann Zürich von anderen Städten lernen?

    Hanna Hilbrandt diskutiert am Mi., 08.11.2023 im Karl der Grosse zur Zürcher Wohnungsnot

  • the Responsible City

    New SNSF Project: The Responsible City

    Hanna Hilbrandt and Ifigeneia Dimitrakou have been awarded the project “The Responsible City: Swiss Responses to Housing in Socio-ecological Crises”

  • Taipei Biennale 2018

    Event “Are We Contemporary” at Kunsthaus Zürich

    Julie Ren will give a lecture on "Unhinged Temporalities: Urban Futurity and Contemporary Art Biennials” at the Kunsthaus Zürich as part of an evening event “Are We Contemporary” for their exhibition “Zeit” on 29.9.23 at 18:30.

  • Libary

    Julie Ren joins Urban Geography as Book Reviews Editor

    New guidelines and an editorial establish her vision for the journal section.

  • Yimin Zhao joins SoKu

    Dr Yimin Zhao joins SoKu as an SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellow

    Seeking to develop alternative understandings of the urban political in China, Dr Yimin Zhao from Renmin University of China joined SoKu in February 2023, funded by a one-year Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

  • Photo: Jahresrückblick 2021, Verein Züri City Card

    SoKu wins UZH Teaching Fund Award

    Awarded for the project "KoLab: Collaborative Lehrforschung in der Stadt”

  • Ringvorlesung UZH Herbstsemester 2022

    UZH Ringvorlesung HS2022

    Lecture on "Engaging Comparative Urbanism: Art Biennials in Dakar and Taipei”

  • Conference at University of Lausanne

    Decolonizing Geography and Environmental Studies?

    Conference roundtables on the implications of the decolonial turn at University of Lausanne

  • Restaurant

    Interview at Tsüri magazine about the politics of interim use

    Ifigeneia Dimitrakou discussed with Coraline Celiker about the politics of interim use in the context of the evacuation of the Koch Areal and the mobilization of the squatting scene in Zurich.

  • An event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ)

    Between Activism and Academia

    Between Activism and Academia Research: Justice in Unequal Cities:

    An event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ) on Tuesday, 11 October 2022

  • Event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ)

    Inhabiting Radical Housing

    The global fight for housing and the production of knowledge around it: an event organized by urban publics Zürich (upZ) on Wednesday, 11 May 2022.

  • Progam Symposium

    Upcoming Symposium on Biennials 19-20 May

    The symposium “In Light of Crisis: The Fraught Significations of Contemporary Biennials” proposes an intensive exchange about how to understand art and architecture biennials through the lens of crisis. 

  • Animierte Audiocollage: Annalena Jäger

    Neue Website:

    SoKu lanciert eine neue Website für kollaborative Lehrforschungsprojekte

  • Book Launch of Hanna Hilbrandt's Housing in the Margins

    Book Launch: Housing in the Margins

    Informality and housing precarity: Urban perspectives across North-South. A Book Launch of Hanna Hilbrandt's Housing in the Margins (Wiley).

  • New Book: Housing in the Margins

    New book: Housing in the Margins

    Hanna Hilbrandt’s new book "Housing in the Margins" is now out in the IJURR Studies in Urban and Social Change Book Series. It offers a theoretically informed and empirically detailed exploration of unruly housing practices and their governance at the periphery of Berlin.

  • Decentering Urban Climate Finance

    New Seminar Series: Decentering Urban Climate Finance

    The SoKu research group on Urban Climate Finance has been granted an Urban Studies Foundation Seminar Series Award as the Lead Institution for the organization of a new seminar series on the variety of ‘ordinary’ climate finance practices in cities around the world.

  • Urban Salon Seminar

    Theorising urban studies on/from China/Asia

    Urban Salon online seminar on February 25 from 3:00-4:30 CET

  • Podcast on Urban Climate Finance on the edge of viability

    Urban Climate Finance on the edge of viability?

    New episode of the Urban Political Podcast out now.

  • SoKu Team wins GRC Grant

    SoKu Team wins GRC Grant

    Julie Ren and Ifigeneia Dimitrakou receive a Graduate Campus grant to host symposium in 2021.

  • Postcolonial Urbanism

    New Book: Engaging Comparative Urbanism: Art Spaces in Beijing and Berlin

    A new book by Julie Ren is published with Bristol University Press.

  • Postcolonial Urbanism

    New Annotated Bibliography on "Postcolonial Urbanism"

    The Oxford Bibliographies’ new section on Urban Studies features contribution from Julie Ren.

  • Streets of Kochi, India

    Conference Presentation at the RAI-RGS conference

    Julie Ren presented paper on “Emotional Biennials” at the RAI-RGS 2020.

  • Green Development in India

    New research project: The Urbanization of Global Climate Finance

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) has awarded Hanna Hilbrandt project funding to investigate how cities are impacted by so-called Global Climate Finance (GCF): financing in accordance with the United Nations 48 Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

  • One-day cross-disciplinary symposium

    Policy Ontologies; Working Across Theory and Practice.

  • screenshot 18th swiss geoscience meeting 2020 zurich

    Call for paper: At home: the domestic city in times of crisis

    We are looking for abstracts for a panel entitled “At home: the domestic city in times of crisis”  for the 18th Swiss Geoscience Meeting (November 6th & 7th 2020 in Zurich).

  • Aerial photo of Mexico city

    New paper out in EPA

    Standards and SSOs in the contested widening and deepening of financial markets: The arrival of Green Municipal Bonds in Mexico City.

  • screenshot urban political

    Urban Sustainability as New Financial Fix?

    What are the consequences of climate investments in cities of the Global South? In a new podcast episode of "Urban Political" Hanna Hilbrandt talks about the Green Municipal Bonds issued by Mexico City in 2016.

  • Open positions

    We are looking for scholars interested in doing critical urban research. The successful applicants will be part of the newly established Social and Cultural Geography research group which focusses on the transformation of cities and urban societies.