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Department of Geography Social Geography and Urban Studies

Adela Petrovic's Transient Doctoral Research Journey at SURB

Delving into the complexities of gentrification dynamics and urban transformation processes, Adela Petrovic embarks on a six-month doctoral research stay at SURB in February 2024.

Adela Petrovic's Transient Doctoral Research Journey

Adela Petrovic is a PhD candidate and lecturer at Charles University's Department of Social Geography and Regional Development and Internationalization Coordinator at the Geographical Institute (CU). With a Bachelor's in Political Science and two Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's degrees in Comparative Local Development (CoDe) and Urban Studies (4CITIES), she brings a diverse academic background to her work. Her doctoral research, titled "Socio-spatial approach towards understanding identity construction: urban transformations in Prague Urban Region," investigates the complexities of identity formation amid urban change. Adela is the principal investigator of a project funded by the Grant Agency of Charles University (GAUK), which delves into gentrification dynamics and the evolving identities of former working-class neighbourhoods in Prague.

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