03.01.2022 New publication

A new paper on Combining near-infrared radiance of vegetation and fluorescence spectroscopy to detect effects of abiotic changes and stresses with contributions by Alex Damm was published in Remote Sensing of Environment. This study suggests a new NIRv based strategy to normalize structural effects in sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and demonstrates resulting increaed sensitivity to detect plant stress due to various abiotic factors.

01.01.2022 New staff

Veronika Oehl

We warmly welcome Jennifer Adams as joint Postdoctoral researcher between the Remote Sensing group and us. Jennifer will work on 3D modelling of thermal radiation in support of the upcoming French-Indian TRISHNA satellite mission. In addition, Jennifer will investigate possibilities to harmonize radiative transfer schemes for aquatic and terrestrial applications.

01.01.2022 New staff


We warmly welcome Michael Niederberger as new IT-Specialist in our group. Michael will maintain and expand our Swiss-Spec-Network with additional FloX and RoX spectrometer systems in aquatic and terrestrial test sites.