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Department of Geography


22.12.2020 New publication

A new paper by Rifat Ahmed providing “A First Assessment of the 2018 European Drought Impact on Ecosystem Evapotranspiration” was published in Remote Sensing. In this paper, we quantify how severe the combined drought and heat event in 2018 affected evapotranspiration fluxes in European ecosystems.

30.10.2020 Congratulations

Another great success! The Swiss National Science Foundation granted Nina Buchmann (Grasland Science group at ETH Zurich) and us the research project "Unravel the changing contributions of abiotic and biotic drivers of ecosystem gas exchange under weather extremes" (EcoDrive). In the next years, we aim to unravel how weather extremes affect the carbon and water exchange of terrestrial ecosystems.

06.10.2020 New publication

A new paper on “Ecosystem transpiration and evaporation: Insights from three water flux partitioning methods across FLUXNET sites”  in Global Change Biology with contributions by Eugenie Paul-Limoges. In this paper, we compare three recently developed methods to partition eddy covariance evapotranspiration at FLUXNET sites.

01.10.2020 New MSc student

We warmly welcome Luc Sierro as new specialized MSc student in our group. In his work, Luc will evaluate possibilities to integrate satellite based sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence measurements in global transpiration modelling. An exciting project and we are all looking forward to interesting discussions and outcomes!

30.09.2020 Congratulations

This is a great success! The Swiss National Science Foundation granted Alex Damm the research project "Combining Combining Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Mechanistic Modelling for Advanced Assessments of Ecosystem Photosynthesis (FLUO4ECO). In the next four years, we will develop and implement new ideas to advance research of ecosystem photosynthesis and gas exchange including carbon dioxide assimilation and water transpiration.

07.09.2020 New publication

Eugenie Paul-Limoges contributes to a special issue on the impact of the 2018 drought and heatwave. The special issue on the impacts of the 2018 drought and heatwave is finally out in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Particularly check out these two papers: Gharun et al. on “Physiological response of Swiss ecosystems to 2018 drought across plant types and elevation” and Graf et al. on “Altered energy partitioning across terrestrial ecosystems in the European drought year 2018”

14.07.2020 New publication

A paper by  Gilberto Pastorello et al. with contributions by Eugenie Paul-Limoges on The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline
for eddy covariance data has been published in Nature Scientific data.

22.06.-12.07.2020 Airborne field experiment


RSWS, the Reserach Centre Jülich and Czech Globe joint forces to map various ecosystems in Switzerland and Germany using the HyPlant fluorescence spectrometer. Resulting data will facilitate our research on ecosystem water relations in the context of climate extremes and biodiversity.

01.05.2020 New MSc student

We warmly welcome Liv Fritsche as new MSc student in our group. Liv will spend the next months to investigate how Earth observation approaches can be help detecting tree damages induced by droughts and bark beetle infestation. For this study, we cooperate with the Wildnispark-Sihlwald and Liv is co-supervised by Alex Damm, Joan Sturm and Ronald Schmidt.

29.04.2020 New publication

A paper by Bernhard Schuldt with contributions from Alexander Damm providing A first assessment of the impact of the extreme 2018 summer drought on Central European forests has been published in Basic and Applied Ecology.

20.04.2020 RSWS Outreach

Both remote sensing groups at UZH and Eaewag (RSWS, RS) organized an Eawag internal workshop on the use of Earth observation to facilitate biodiversity research in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.


23.-28.02.2020 RSWS Outreach

Alex Damm participated  in the first World Biodiversity Forum in Davos. A great event with stimulating discussions how RSWS approaches can contribute assessing biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning.

09.02.2019 Congratulations

The joint proposal HyperStrata by Daniel Odermatt,Alexander Damm, and Camille Minaudo was selected by NASA. This is a great chance to contribute to the Science and Applications Team of NASA's upcoming PACE mission. Congratulations!


03.02.2019 New course

We launched a new B.Sc. block course entitled Python programming in remote sensing – basics (ESS 341). It was great to see how fast students gathered experience in programming. Thanks for all involved colleagues!

19.01.2020 New publication

A paper by Alexander Damm on Remote sensing of forest gas exchange: Considerations derived from a tomographic perspective has been published in Global Change Biology.

15.01.2020 New publication

A paper by Eugenie Paul-Limoges et al. with contributions by Alexander Damm on Partitioning evapotranspiration with concurrent eddy covariance measurements in a mixed forest has been published in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.