PhD Research Projects

Ongoing PhD Projects:


HILLSCAPE – hillslope hydrology and erosion

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Hydrologic Connectivity in a Boreal Landscape

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Spatio-temporal variability of shallow groundwater and its effect on stream water quantity and quality

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Stream network expansion and contraction – patterns, controls and importance

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Hydrological climate change impact assessment- addressing the uncertainties

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Value of data in hydrological modeling

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Intelligent sampling of hydrological events (ISHE)

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Completed PhD Projects:

Manuela Brunner

Catchment- and Event-Type Specific Synthetic Design Hydrographs. Estimation, Characterization, Regionalization, and Uncertainty

Manuel Antonetti Runoff Generation during Heavy Rainfall Events: Integrating Expert Knowledge about Dominant Runoff Processes in Conceptual Hydrological Models 2014-2017

Benjamin Fischer

Spatial and Temporal Runoff Generation Processes in a Swiss Pre-Alpine Headwater Catchment 2009-2016

Addor Nans

Impacts of Climate Change on Discharge in Switzerland: Cascading Uncertainties and Robustness in Models


Michael Rinderer

Assessing key controls of catchment functioning by investigating distributed groundwater dynamics, hydrological connectivity and runoff response on different spatial scales


Maria Staudinger

Characterization and predictability of low flows based on conceptual modeling


Käthi Liechti  

Uncertainty Propagation in Operational Flash Flood Forecasting Systems.