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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

Water Games

Water Game 1: Irrigania

What is Irrigania?

Irrigania is a web based computer game intended for teaching about collaboration and water conflicts with shared water resources. It’s simple rules allow to simulate several gametheoretical situations typical for water-related conflicts among several actors in a simplified way. Due to the online availability of the game, Irrigania can easily be used in classroom.

For a more detailed description of Irrigania see:

Seibert, J. and Vis, M. (2012). Irrigania – a web-based game about sharing water resources, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 2523-2530. (Publication (PDF, 244 KB)

Where can I play Irrigania?

The Irrigania water game is accessible through the following link:

For playing the game a registration is needed. The access to the registration page for teachers is password protected. Please send an e-mail to Jan Seibert in order to receive the password.


Water Game 2 and 3: Waipuna and Habitat Ganges

During the integrative project (GEO 401) 2014/2015 about "water games" students developed water games to teach about water resource sharing and scarcity in the classroom. 


Waipuna is a board game about water resource scarcity for schools. This game is intended for ages 10+ and designed for four individual players or four small groups (of 2-3 players each).  Playing time is approx. 70-100 minutes.  Didaktische Analyse (PDF, 156 KB) (in German).

Habitat Ganges

Habitat Ganges is an online game about the sustainable use and sharing of water resources along the Ganges. This game is aimed at German speaking geography students in secondary schools (Sekundarstufe), ideally for groups of 16-24 students. Time needed: 2 x 45 min sessions should be planned for play (approx. 15 rounds).  Didaktische Analyse (PDF, 83 KB) (in German).

Designers and Contact

The games were developed by Sandra  Burkhalter,  Melanie  Graf, Fabiola  Kälin,  Marco Kull and Nadine Piveteau. The project was supervised by Tracy Ewen and Jan Seibert.

Please contact Tracy Ewen or Jan Seibert if you would like to use these games in your classroom.   

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Irrigania Painting

Irrigania Painting


Cost function in Irrigania