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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

MOOC "CrowdWater"

Hydrology and Citizen Science in one.

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for massive open online course. Like in a traditional university course, learners study a subject over a specific time period. However, students attain lectures, discuss problems and solve exercises online. In the CrowdWater Course, there are explaining videos as well as quizzes and practical tasks. The MOOC is split up into three diversified modules.


What will be taught in the "CrowdWater" MOOC?

The CrowdWater Course gives an overview about the citizen science project CrowdWater which is conducted by the group hydrology & climate at the department of geography. In the first module, the basics of hydrology are explained. The second module shows how the project CrowdWater works and how to contribute to the project. Finally, the third module explains how the data of CrowdWater can be used for hydrological research questions.


Information & Enrollment

You can find our MOOC on the E-Learning platform of our Faculty MOOC CrowdWater.

As soon as you are enrolled, you will have access to all course material. If you are interested in a specific part of the course, please be welcome to concentrate on this part and navigate through the MOOC at your own speed.



The course does not require any specific preliminary knowledge or skills. The course is directed to everybody with an interest in water and citizen science, as well as everybody who wants to get to know the CrowdWater project and see behind it.

The course is taught in German.

More information about the hydrological basics taught in the CrowdWater Course can be found in the MOOC “Water in Switzerland”.



The CrowdWater Course is for free.

Take this opportunity and learn about the basics of hydrology and citizen science as well as the CrowdWater project today. We are looking forward to your participation!