PhD Projects

The following list of ongoing and completed Ph.D. projects gives an impression of some of the research that is carried out by our graduate students. Responsible advisors are shown in brackets.

Ph.D. theses in progress



Aliakbarian, Meysam  

Place-based map generalization (Weibel / Purves)

Allahbakhshi, Hoda 

Using multi-sensor tracking data to analyze the mobility and activity behavior of older adults (Weibel / Martin, Psychology)


Contextual Cross-Scale Movement Analysis (Weibel)

Fillekes, Michelle      

Mobility, activity and social interactions in older adults' daily lives: links to psychological functioning (Weibel / Martin, Psychology)


Spatially explicit mapping and assessment of ecosystem services on landscape scale provided by agroforestry systems (Herzog, Agroscope / Weibel)

Neureiter Nico  Travelling with Speakers Through Time and Space: Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Language Change (Ranacher/Weibel)

Sayidov, Azimjon

Integrated methods for automated geological map generalization (Weibel)

Technitis, Georgios

Context-Aware Simulation of Trajectories of Moving Objects (Weibel)



Peter Jeszenszky        

Quantitative modeling of geographic influences on morphosyntactic area formation in Swiss German(Weibel/ Glaser, German Dept.)



Benjamin Rohrbach   

Assessing Participatory Mapping and Multi Criteria Evaluation for Land Use Change Analysis (Laube / Weibel) PDF (PDF, 17699 KB)

Ali Soleymani

Cross-Scale Analysis In Classification And Segmentation Of Movement (Weibel) PDF (PDF, 8573 KB)



Pia Bereuter

Quadtree-based Real-time Point Generalisation for Web and Mobile Mapping (Weibel / Burghardt, TU Dresden) PDF (PDF, 19671 KB)

Ramya Venkateswaran 

Extracting and Linking Locations and Activities from the Geospatial Web (Weibel / Purves / Burghardt, TU Dresden) PDF (PDF, 6832 KB)
Christian Gschwend Relating Movement to Geographic Context – Effects of Preprocessing, Relation Methods and Scale (Weibel / Purves / Weghe/ Laube) PDF (PDF, 18644 KB)



Somayeh Dodge            

Spatio-Temporal Pattern Analysis of Moving Point Objects (Weibel / Fabrikant) PDF (PDF, 14482 KB)

Patrick Lüscher

Providing Enriched Spatial Data - Ontology driven Recognition of Urban Structures from Spatial Databases (Weibel / Burghardt) PDF (PDF, 8246 KB)


Ruedi Haller

Integratives Geoinformationsmanagement in der Schutzgebietsforschung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der räumlichen Genauigkeit (Allgöwer / Imfeld / Weibel) PDF (PDF, 11297 KB)

Ralph Straumann 

Extraction and characterisation of landforms from digital elevation models: Fiat parsing the elevation field(Purves / Weibel / Korup, SLF) PDF (PDF, 9965 KB)



Felix Hebeler

Modelling Topographic Uncertainty: Impacts on Large Scale Environmental Modelling (Purves / Weibel) PDF (PDF, 12037 KB)

Awase Khirni Syed 

Exploratory Representations for Geographic Information Retrieved from the Internet (Weibel / Purves)



Alistair Edwardes 

Re-placing Location: Geographic Perspectives in Location Based Services (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. D. Burghardt) PDF (PDF, 9437 KB)

Moritz Neun

Data Enrichment for Adaptive Map Generalization Using Web Services (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. D. Burghardt) PDF (PDF, 4455 KB)

Stefan Steiniger

Enabling Pattern-Aware Automated Map Generalization (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. D. Burghardt), PDF (PDF, 20634 KB)



Daniel Isenegger  IPODLAS - A framework for coupling Temporal Simulation Systems, Virtual Reality, and Geographic Information Systems (Dr. B. Allgöwer / Prof. R. Weibel) PDF (PDF, 8259 KB)



Patrick Laube 

Analysing Point Motion - Spatio-Temporal Data Mining of Geospatial Lifelines (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. B. Allgöwer / Dr. St. Imfeld) PDF (PDF, 10220 KB)

Stefan Leyk

Computing the Past - Utilizing Historical Data Sources for Map-Based Retrospective Landscape Research(Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. R. Boesch, WSL / Dr. N. Zimmermann, WSL) PDF (PDF, 11841 KB)

Margherita Maggioni 

Avalance Release Areas and Their Influence on Uncertainty in Avalanche Hazard Mapping (Dr. U. Gruber, SLF / Dr. R. Purves / Prof. R. Weibel) PDF (PDF, 18265 KB)

Ariane Walz

Land use modelling for an integrated approach to regional development in the Swiss Alps (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. R. Purves / Dr. P. Bebi, SLF / Dr. S. Kytzia)



Marco Hugentobler 

Terrain Modelling with Triangle Based Free-Form Surfaces (Prof. R. Weibel / Dr. R. Purves / Dr. B. Schneider, University of Basel) PDF (PDF, 4210 KB)



Alessandro Cecconi 

Integration of Cartographic Generalization and Multi-Scale Databases for Enhanced Web Mapping(Prof. Dr. R. Weibel / Dr. D. Burghardt) PDF (PDF, 3029 KB)

Martin Galanda

Automated Polygon Generalization in a Multi Agent System (Prof. Dr. R. Weibel / Dr. D. Burghardt) PDF (PDF, 3025 KB)



Daria Martinoni 

Quality Management in Digital Terrain Modelling (Prof. R. Weibel) PDF (PDF, 22959 KB)



Andreas Bachmann 

GIS-based Wildland Fire Risk Analysis (Prof. Dr. R. Weibel / Dr. B. Allgöwer / Prof. D.X. Viergas, University of Coimbra) PDF (PDF, 1344 KB)

Mattias Bader

Energy Minimizing Methods for Feature Displacement in Map Generalization (Prof. Dr. R. Weibel / Prof. K. Brassel / Prof. M. Sester, University of Hannover) PDF (PDF, 5311 KB)



Frank Brazile 

Semantic Infrastructure and Methods to Support Quality Evaluation in Cartographic Generalization (Prof. R. Weibel) PDF (PDF, 2934 KB)

Stephan Imfeld 

Time, Points and Space - towards a better Analysis of Wildlife Data in GIS (Prof. K. Brassel / Dr. B. Allgöwer / Prof. B. Nievergelt, Institute of Zoology, Prof. P. Fisher, University of Leicester) PDF (PDF, 41651 KB)



Felix Bucher 

Regionenbasierte Wahl und Parametrisierung von Interpolationsmodellen (Prof. Dr. K. Brassel / Prof. R. Weibel)

Geoffrey Dutton 

Working Through the Scales -- A Hierarchical Coordinate System for Digital Map Data (Prof. R. Weibel / Prof. K. Brassel / Prof. G. Gensler, SMA)

Bernhard Schneider 

Geomorphologisch plausible Rekonstruktion der digitalen Repräsentation von Geländeoberflächen aus Höhenliniendaten (Prof. R. Weibel / Prof. Dr. K. Brassel)

Caroline Westort

Methods for Sculpting Digital Topographic Surfaces (Prof. R. Weibel / Prof. K. Brassel / Prof. S. Ervin, Harvard University) PDF (PDF, 12083 KB)



Walter Bosshard 

Homogenisierung klimatologischer Zeitreihen, dargelegt am Beispiel der relativen Sonnenscheindauer1997 (Prof. K. Brassel / Dr. Gisler and Dr. W. Kirchhofer, SMA)

Martin Brändli

Modelle und Methoden für die Extraktion geomorphologischer und hydrologischer Objekte aus digitalen Geländemodellen (Prof. Dr. K. Brassel / Prof. R. Weibel)