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Advances and challenges in sensor-based research in mobility, health, and placeHealth & Place
Volume 79, January 2023, 102972

Charting everyday activities in later life: Study protocol of the mobility, activity, and social interactions study (MOASIS)

Eun-Kyeong Kim, Lindsey Conrow, Christina Röcke, Basile Chaix, Robert Weibel, Camille Perchoux

Mobile sensing using portable sensors and momentary assessments has transformed the way mobility and place are considered in health and well-being research. Research at the intersection of Mobility, Health, and Place has increasingly leveraged methodological advances in data collection using mobile sensing technologies, data processing, data analytics, and clinical applications to observe and unveil intertwined relations between individuals’ characteristics and behaviors, changing environments, and their health and well-being at fine-grained spatial and temporal scales. In this review, we provide an overview of recent health and behavioral research in the context of mobility and place. Specifically, we classify health-relatable mobile sensing technologies with a proposed taxonomy of mobile sensing, and review how new sensing approaches transformed research trends in the field of mobility, health, and place. We then discuss remaining challenges in data collection and processing, analysis, and interpretation and practices. >