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ZuriACT – Scientifica 2023

The last day of August marked a momentous occasion as we unveiled "ZuriACT (Zurich Accessible CiTy) – Towards a More Accessible and Inclusive City" at Switzerland's largest science festival, Scientifica 2023.

Accessible Zurich

Here's a glimpse into the highlights of our event:

Part 1: We embarked on an enlightening guided walking tour, traversing from Helmhaus to the central library. Along the way, we explored accessible and inaccessible routes, pausing to discuss footway barriers – paving the path toward a more inclusive city for different population groups.

Part 2: We delved into the heart of the ZuriACT project, sharing insights on how it can catalyze positive change and enhance accessibility in District 1 of Zurich. Afterward, participants could engage in an open dialogue, asking questions and sharing their valuable concerns and feedback. This inclusive discussion truly encapsulated the spirit of collaboration that fuels our #citizenscience mission.

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated participants, Scientifica organizers from UZH and Stadt Zurich, especially Theo von Däniken and Aline Amrein, and my exceptional team, François Ruettimann, Robert Weibel, Annina Ardüser,  Alexandra Ioana Georgescu, and Alexandros Sofios, whose passion and hard work transformed this event into a memorable experience.

We're driving change and forging a more accessible future for all. Join us on this incredible journey! 
ZuriACT webpage:

Simone Brander, Wernher Brucks, Birger Schmidt, Flavia Frei, Myriam Fojtu,  Jon Froehlich, Michael Saugstad, Nikki Böhler, Nathalie Klauser, Christina Röcke, Mike Martin, Anja Schulze, Tumasch Reichenbacher

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  • ZuriACT - Zurich Accessible CiTy
  • ZuriACT - Zurich Accessible CiTy
  • ZuriACT - Zurich Accessible CiTy
  • ZuriACT - Zurich Accessible CiTy