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When computers write stories

There are about 7000 natural languages in the world, and four of them in Switzerland alone. Computers nowadays can artificially produce natural sentences and whole stories. Take the test and write your own story together with a computer.

When computers write stories

Once upon a time…

… there was a clever machine that magically wrote the most beautiful stories. You don’t believe that? Then visit our booth at Scientifica! Find out how a computer learns to understand language and tell stories.

At our booth, we will showcase the latest advances in computational linguistics. We show how computers can generate text that looks like written by humans and explain the mechanism behind it.

We’re getting used to rely on language technologies, such as machine translation (like for this translation for example), in our daily lives. We invite you to learn more about how such applications manage to understand and generate natural language. You can try it yourself and write a story together with a computer. Card games and many other activities are waiting for you!