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How to make life at UZH more sustainable

General tips by UZH Sustainability

Travel / Food / Commuting / IT devices / Paper / Waste / Used items / Event management / Stay informed and take action

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Sustainable procurement

Purchases take place in almost every organizational unit at UZH – from office supplies to large research equipment. This website helps you to make your contribution to sustainable procurement at UZH.

Sustainable procurement
Nachhaltigkeit in der Beschaffung

Additional tips for students and employees

For students

Take classes relating to sustainability / Student-led sustainability initiatives / Trips abroad

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For employees

Teaching / Business travel / Buildings: Heating and use of space / IT devices and other electricity-consuming appliances / Paper and office supplies

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Factsheets and guidelines

Factsheets and short informations

Business travel / Commuter traffic / Food in university life / Media use / Sustainability during your exchange / Sustainability during your stay in Zurich

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Guidelines and recommendations

Sustainable events / Sustainable catering / Action with regard to sustainable investments

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