What about fresh, organic produce from community supported agriculture delivered to Irchel Campus?

Active consultation of the Irchel community

The GIUZ Sustainability Task Force is committed to making our professional and personal life more sustainable.

In our survey to all GIUZ staff and students we wanted to know their opinion about alternative, short supply chains for agri-food commodity products, an issue that has come up in different discussions in the anniversary blog and in our recent GeoAgenda - and has become even more important under Covid-19. In a nutshell, short supply chains try to generate alternative food systems, which bring producers and consumers together in more sustainable ways. They include community supported agriculture, food cooperatives and other types of associations (also here in Zürich).

As the results of our survey shows, 208 out of 211 participants are interested in shortening food supply chains. And 173 people at GIUZ could see themselves as future customers of a food hub at Irchel (pick up point of fresh, organic produce from local agriculture). This is motivation enough and shows that there is ground for a food hub to blossom and grow at our department.

We are now committed to facilitate such a food hub at Irchel in the near future. If you have any suggestions or are simply interested in our endeavour and would like to be updated, contact us via mail at info@sustainability.uzh.ch.

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