#52: Cycling and pedestrian travel in Covid-19 world

How are we moving around our cities while facing a global pandemic? How have lockdowns affected movement? How do we accommodate urban travel that requires social distancing?

visualization bicycle travel
Bicycle and pedestrian activity in Zurich: difference to a reference value (median count for the period between the 3rd of January and the 6th of February 2020)

Using sensors from open data sources, we visualize movement of people on foot and by bicycle. Visualization reveals the role of weather, day of week, leisure, exercise, utility travel and compliance with lockdown measures. It helps to anticipate transport planning needs for a safe, sustainable urban travel future.

Pedestrian and bicycle travel in Zurich
Pedestrian and bicycle travel in Basel
Pedestrian traffic in city centres across Germany
Public bicycle hire use across London
Bicycle traffic in New York City

All of the code for our analyses is available at Github under an open licence for further applications.

Conceived and implemented by
Ross Purves - Department of Geography, University of Zurich
Ralph Straumann - EBP, Data Science Team, Zurich
Jo Wood - giCentre, City, University of London