125 years GIUZ

The largest Geography Department in Switzerland is celebrating its 125th anniversary. How did it become what it is? Where do we stand today and what could the future bring? Reflect, discuss and celebrate with us!

125 GIUZ

Anniversary blog

Through this blog we will share a bit of history, ongoing activities from our units and their teaching, reflections from our alumni and GIUZ's vision for the future. Come with us on this journey and get to know the GIUZ!

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Showcasing the research and other endeavours at the GIUZ: exhibitions, videos and slide shows, experiments, interviews, role-play, demonstrations. On Tuesdays over lunch time at Irchel Lichthof.

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Workshops & discussions

Find out how the turbulent 80s scratched the foundations of the institute and join in the discussion on the interdisciplinary research topics of GIUZ and its partners.

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Celebrate & Get-together

Refresh old acquaintances, create new ones: In this anniversary year, there are several opportunities to do so. Celebrate with us!

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