GeoBits - showcasing our activities

What are GeoBits?

GeoBits are activities that showcase the research and other endeavours taking place at the Department of Geography and illustrate the breadth of geography as a discipline. They communicate interesting elements (small ‘bits’) of our research or work to a wider audience. Roughly once a week, one group of the department presents a GeoBit over lunchtime in the Irchel Lichthof. 

The format of the GeoBits is deliberately very open, ideally, it will be interactive and engage the audience. And it will be in German or English. Activities include, but are not limited to, exhibitions and displays, videos and slide shows, experiments, interviews with passers-by, role-play, demonstrations, etc.

The main audience are the “inhabitants” of Irchel campus – mainly university staff and students that pass by over lunchtime, but also the public visiting Irchel campus.

Where and when?

University Irchel Campus, Lichthof Y24-G-100

Always on Tuesdays over lunch time from 11:00 to 14:00
during spring term from 3 March to 26 May 2020
during the first half of the autumn term from 22 Sept. to 3 Nov. 2020

The detailed program will be published soon!