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Water quality retrieval of Swiss lakes

In the Department “Surface Waters - Research and Management” at Eawag, I mainly worked on a project that observes calcite precipitation events with in-situ, airborne and satellite data. 

Charis Gretler
Charis Gretler (right) and work colleague Anita Schlatter (left) during the field campaign at Lake Geneva.

My experience

During my internship, I did field work, conducted examinations in the laboratory and also pre-processed the collected data. One of the highlights was the field campaign at Lake Geneva where we took in-situ measurements. A very enriching experience during my internship was also the cooperation with my multinational colleagues. They were all super supportive and I could learn a lot from them – regarding my work, their work, programming and remote sensing in general.

In summary, I would like to say that I enjoyed the internship very much because of the varied tasks and the enriching insight into this research institute. I learned a lot, such as working in a laboratory and deepening my understanding and skills in python. Now I feel much more confident in using python when working with large amounts of data. It was indeed helpful that I had prior experience with python programming. Also, knowledge in remote sensing is indispensable.

Organisation of the internship

During the course GEO442 “Spectroscopy of the Earth System”, Daniel Odermatt presented a possible internship at Eawag during the summer months. I applied and fortunately got accepted for the internship.

Charis Gretler

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Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology



Überlandstr. 133
8600 Dübendorf


3 months (June – August 2021)

Cost/ Payment

Brutto 2'000 Fr. / month for 100%


For any questions you can contact me.