Research Interests

Geographies of global commodity chains and transnational markets

We investigate the production, distribution and consumption of global commodities and their spatially and socially uneven geographies. Our particular emphasis is on agricultural commodities (e.g. soy, horticulture) and industrial production systems (e.g. «maquiladora industry»).

Global Soy

Dis/articulating global agro-chains

Performing markets and alternative economic geographies

We contribute to social studies of marketization and engage with the geographies of alternative economic activities such as social (impact) finance, sharing networks or solidary agriculture. Our emphasis is on the diversity of economic practices and the negotiation of non/market boundaries.

Economics, experiments, evidence: Neoliberal Geographies of marketization

Social impact finance

Geographies of labor, migration and gender

We research labor markets, (labor) migration and working conditions, analyzing how inequalities are produced, sustained and legitimized. In particular, we analyze how nationality, gender and other categories of social differenciation are mobilized when people cross borders and find work.

Transnational care markets

Migration, labor markets and borders