Ifigeneia Dimitrakou
Ifigeneia Dimitrakou, Dr.

Social and Cultural Geography

Tel.: 044 63 55165
Room number: Y25 L 30


I am an urban studies and housing researcher, currently working on a research project concerning dynamics of dispossession and property neglect in financialized rental housing in Germany. I hold a Ph.D. in Urban Planning Design & Policies (Politecnico di Milano), MSc. in Urbanism (TU Delft), and in Architecture (AUTH). Previously, I have worked in research and teaching at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Politecnico di Milano, and as an architect-urban planner for medium scale and independent design studios in Berlin.

Research interests

My research interest broadly centers on the role of housing in the production of the built environment, social reproduction, and socio-spatial inequality. Particularly, I am interested in understanding how social relations, power positions and social antagonism developed around access to housing and home, are constructed and negotiated through representations and everyday practices. My doctoral research examined processes of housing vacancy in post-crisis Athens; the entangled racist discourses, the symbolic and material dispossessions, and the everyday politics vacancy processes involve. 

Current projects

I joined the Social and Cultural Geography Group in September 2020 working on the research project Hannibal II. The project builds upon new materialist and legal geographic scholarship and explores the forms of dispossession involved in the governance of property neglect and material degradation at the lower end of the financialized rental sector in Germany. I am also participating as a research associate in the project ISTOPOL: Polykatoikia Stories, hosted by the Department of Geography at Harokopio University and funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation, examining the changing socio-spatial patterns of (micro)segregation and inter-ethnic cohabitation in Athens, through housing, home and building biographies.