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Department of Geography Space, Nature and Society

PhD Projects

Ongoing Ph.D. Theses

Rafael Zinnenlauf

Understanding Birdwatchers through Relational Values

Reh, Carlotta Young people's transition to Gymnasium and the role of private and public supplementary learning programs
Landolt, Lara Young People's Experiences and Aspirations at the Transition to Kurzzeitgymnasium in the City of Zurich


Completed Ph.D. Theses

Rémi Willemin

Fluid Resource and Conservation Frontiers in Switzerland and Beyond: Futurity, Visuality, and Materiality

Stefanie Müller Trapped between Consensus and Conflict – Designing Public Participatory Tools for ‘Green’ Technology Planning (2022)
Tanuja Thurairajah «Shifting Spaces - Tamil Diaspora Identifications and Translocal Engagement in Switzerland» (2021)
Sarah Speck Ageing in the Global South. A Case Study on Life in Old Age from Nepal (2020) Zora
Shokirov, Qobiljon Adaptations of Wildlife Conservation under Socioeconomic and Geopolitical Change in the Pamir Region of Tajikistan (2020)
Ksenofontov, Stanislav Climate change and perception of ecosystem services by herders in Northern Siberia (2018)
Michel, Annina Helena        Park moralities: Parc Adula National Park project (2019) Zora

Keller, Roger

Wahrnehmung und Nutzung kultureller Natur- und Landschaftswerte in der Schweiz (2016) Zora

Landolt, Sara

Trinkräume und Treffpunkte Jugendlicher: Aushandlungsprozess im öffentlichen Raum der Stadt Zürich (2011) Zora

Müller, Urs

Die Kraft der Bilder in der nachhaltigen Entwicklung (2006) Zora