PhD Projects

Ongoing Ph.D. Theses

Müller, Stefanie

Mapping meaningful places as a tool for participatory planning of renewable energy projects.

Shokirov, Qobiljon

Livelihoods of remote and resource dependent communities of the Pamir region of Tajikistan.

Willemin, Rémi

Images and imaginations of global changes and biodiversity


Completed Ph.D. Theses

Keller, Roger

Wahrnehmung und Nutzung kultureller Natur- und Landschaftswerte in der Schweiz (2016)

Ksenofontov, Stanislav

Climate change and perception of ecosystem services by herders in Northern Siberia (2018)

Landolt, Sara

Raumaneignung durch Jugendliche in der Stadt Zürich (2011)

Michel, Annina Helena       

Park moralities: Parc Adula National Park project (2018)

Müller, Urs

Die Kraft der Bilder in der nachhaltigen Entwicklung (2006)