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Department of Geography Space, Nature and Society

Collaborative Teaching between Tbilisi and Zurich in Geogian TV

Gvantsa Salukvadze was invited by the Women's Narrative Tv program at Business Media Georgia (BMG), which is dedicated to featuring women leaders and their accomplishments. During this opportunity, she was able to shine a spotlight on the joint study course "Sustainable Mountain Development," initiated jointly by Tbilisi State University (TSU) and the University of Zurich (UZH).

The course was taught for the first time in fall 2022 and is open to advanced bachelor students in geography programs at both universities. Lectures and seminar sessions are simultaneously held online and in-person in Zurich and Tbilisi.

As one of the course's creators – together with Annina Michel and Norman Backhaus from GIUZ – and the module supervisor from TSU, Gvantsa shared that the course's main inspiration is to introduce students to sustainable mountain development through the lens of the Alpine and Caucasus mountainous areas using Switzerland and Georgia as case studies. She outlined the comprehensive content of the course and the associated tasks, including cross-border communication activities in MountainApp (MTA; based on the citizen science concept, as well as interactive assignments tailored for Swiss-Georgian student teams. Additionally, she offered updates on the ongoing implementation of the course with the second group of students during the autumn semester of 2023, which includes over 40 students from both universities.