MSc Topics

Staff members of the unit are interested in supervising MSc topics concerned with the relationship between conflict, politics, and space broadly defined. This includes, but is not limited to, topics on borders, religion, resources, democracy, and the politics of development. We also offer opportunities (including financial support) for field work in Switzerland and in the global South, in collaboration with different partners. 
Students interested in undertaking an MSc course within the political geography unit may choose one of the two following approaches:
  • We strongly advise students to make up their own topics. Students are encouraged to consult the political geography unit staff webpages and get in touch with the member of the unit whose research interests seem to best fit her/his topic.
  • Unit members also propose a variety of topics. These are fieldwork-based and their scope is to be found below. Students can read the PDF handout for these topics and get in touch with the corresponding contact person. The scope of these topics is also open to discussion with students.

Please also read the most recent version of our guidelines for master students (PDF, 75 KB).


Extractive capitalism in the present and future: Critical Perspectives on capitalist extraction-led development
More information (PDF, 204 KB)
Contact: Melusi Nkomo

Geographies of the Corona Pandemic
More information (PDF, 54 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf; Timothy Raeymaekers 

The Anthropocene in Action
More information (PDF, 119 KB)
Contact: Timothy Raeymaekers  

Migrant infrastructure
More information (PDF, 108 KB)
Contact: Timothy Raeymaekers  

A Ground for Change? Labour Rights & Agricultural Commodity Transparency in Europe and Switzerland
More information (PDF, 69 KB)
Contact: Timothy Raeymaekers

Kritische Geographie in Zürich, 1970-1985
More information (PDF, 85 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf

‘Blood Resources’: the politics of responsible minerals markets
More information (PDF, 138 KB)
Contact: Timothy Raeymaekers; Christoph Kaufmann

Critical development studies 
More information (PDF, 153 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf

Der Jura-Konflikt 
More information (PDF, 88 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf

Fussball und Identitätspolitik (Football and Identity Politics)
More information (PDF, 68 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf 

Climate Activism as an Anti-Geopolitical Practice
More information (PDF, 54 KB)
Contact: Benedikt Korf