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Department of Geography Political Geography

Geografe nüme schlafe!

In the 1980s, a group of geography students rebelled against their teachers at the Department of Geography in Zurich.

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They formed groups to read seminal theoretical texts, conducted research into critical urban studies, feminist geography and disciplinary history, and explored new intellectual grounds, that their teachers and supervisors did not provide. In the last one-and-a-half years, a group of geography students investigated this episode in the department’s history. Their work was part of an Integrative Project (GEO 410), led by Benedikt Korf and Gary Seitz. On 5 March, five geography students, Maxie Bernhard, Tim Fässler, Meret Oehen, Nicolas Siegrist and Livia Zeller, presented first results of this project and discussed it with three student protagonists who had been studying in that period: Anne-Françoise Gilbert, Christian Schmid and Dominik Siegrist. The event was a huge success: more than one hundred former and current students, staff and teachers from GIUZ attended, and discussed vehemently about teaching critical geography, past and present. 

Documents and background information about this project can be found here 

Event flyer (PDF, 1 MB)