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ZuriACT – Accessible Zurich

People with limited mobility have to deal with numerous obstacles in Zurich. ZüriACT, a joint project of UZH and the city of Zurich, aims to tackle this issue and make the city more accessible. Learn about the project at this year’s Scientifica festival.

Accessible Zurich

Getting around Zurich can be difficult for people with impaired mobility. Stairs, missing ramps, narrow sidewalks and high curbs as well as paths blocked by constructions sites or parked cars present considerable obstacles if you’re in a wheelchair, pushing a buggy or not as mobile as you used to be. Apps like Google Maps often don’t offer much help, as they lack detailed information about sidewalk accessibility.  

ZüriACT, a project led by the Digital Society Initiative (DSI), the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich and the city of Zurich, now aims to tackle this problem. The project aims to collect accessibility data on sidewalks in Zurich and make this information available to the general public. “We want to help make Zurich more accessible and inclusive,” says Hoda Allahbakhshi, who heads up the ZüriACT (Zurich Accessible CiTy) project.   

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