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Department of Geography

SaFE – Safety and Field Education

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Do you visit field sites for your research? 
Do you want to be safe and confident when doing so?


Workshop: November 9, 2018

First aid course: December 4 or 19, 2018

Fieldwork is an important topic for all groups within the Department of Geography. While every group has its individual set of activities related to fieldwork, there are aspects that are not unique, thus shared across the different groups. The project aims at encouraging the dialogue between and within the different research groups to share information and experiences, discuss preparation measures and how to cope with difficult situations in the field.

Safe and Field Education

To initiate and facilitate knowledge-exchange within GIUZ, we organize a workshop consisting of two main course days.

The first workshop day will cover the topics of planning and logistics, administration, ethics and responsibilities in the form of presentations and round tables. Program of the first workshop day (PDF, 212 KB)

The second day will consist of a first-aid course, covering fieldwork related medical preparation and emergency situations typically encountered in the field. It will take place at SanArena Zurich , in the city center. The course will be offered in English on both days (December 4 and 19) and in German on December 4.

In the light of transferability and sustainability, we intend to collect and publish available materials and documents, and newly gained knowledge that is relevant for the preparation of field activities. We aim at integrate the results of this effort into the existing GIUZ IT wiki and make them available for all GIUZ members. 

The Organizing committee: Alessandro Cicoira, Leonie Kiewiet, Nico Mölg, Gerald Raab and Sarah Speck