0900-0910: Introduction

0910-1030: Geoinformation extraction and integration
Refining Imprecise Spatio-temporal Events: A Network-based Approach
Andreas Spitz, Johanna Geiß, Michael Gertz, Stefan Hagedorn and Kai-Uwe Sattler

Semantic enrichment of places with VGI sources: a knowledge based approach
Camille Tardy, Gilles Falquet and Laurent Moccozet

Facility Detection and Popularity Assessment from Text Classification of Social Media and Crowdsourced Data
Kevin Sparks, Roger Li, Gautam Thakur, Robert Stewart and Marie Urban

1100-1230: Disambiguation, data integration and matching procedures
A Depth-First Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Geocoding Historic Itinerary Tables
Daniel Blank and Andreas Henrich

A Holistic Framework of Geographical Semantic Web Aligning
Li Yu, Xiliang Liu, Mingxiao Li, Peng Peng and Feng Lu

Extracting Spatial Information from Social Media in Support of Agricultural Management Decisions
Nevena Golubovic, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski, Sara Lafia, Thomas Hervey and Werner Kuhn

1400-1500: Geoparsing and evaluation
Evaluation of NER systems for the recognition of place mentions in French thematic corpora
Carmen Brando, Catherine Dominguès and Magali Capeyron

Performance Evaluation Measures for Toponym Resolution
Morteza Karimzadeh

Towards Geo-referencing Infrastructure for Local News
Guoray Cai and Ye Tian

1600-1700: Discussion: Shared case studies in GIR