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Department of Geography Economic Geography

Xiaohui Jiang
Xiaohui Jiang
PhD candidate

Economic Geography

Tel.: 044 635 52 54
Room number: Y25 L 44
Presence times: Mon-Thu

Research Interests

My research interests lie at industry research, political economy, public policy, economic geography, sociology, and political ethics.

I am currently working on analyzing Chinese agrochemical industry and its relations with Latin America and India.

Ph.D Project-Making herbicide markets: Interactions between production restructuring, agriculture and environment in Latin America and Asia

The project engages with the rapidly restructuring global agrochemical industry. The overall objective is to analyze chemical herbicides as specific drivers of economic and ecological change by interrogating the transformative role of new emerging-market generic production networks in relation to farming practices and environmental effects in Latin America. The specific aims are (1) to understand how herbicide markets are being made in light of chemical dependence on key pesticide compounds, waning effectiveness, and environmental feedback loops; (2) to place these environmental challenges in the context of global production networks for key synthetic herbicides, with emphasis on upstream production in Asia and relations between Latin America and Asia; and (3) to study selected global South herbicide “assemblages” in-depth, focusing on how “last mile” distribution and agricultural use reflects and reshapes environmental challenges and economic strategies in Latin America.


2022-present: University of Zürich
PhD in Economic Geography

2020-2022: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKSAR
Mphil in Public Policy

2019-2020: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKSAR
Msc in Global China Studies

2016-2020: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
BA in Global Political Economy