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Seminar "Regulatory challenges in a changing global pesticide complex"

UZH researcher Soledad Castro organized a seminar on pesticide regulation at ICTA-UAB, in Barcelona.

Regulatory Challenges

On July 13, our team member Soledad Castro organized the seminar "Regulatory challenges in a changing global pesticide complex"  at ICTA-UAB, in Barcelona. Dr. Kees Jansen, from Wageningen University, lectured on "Politics of pesticide risk data: questions about interactions between business and regulatory systems". Dr. Jansen reviewed some recent developments in ownership and access to risk data to outline urgent research questions.

Subsequently, Dr. Marion Werner, University at Buffalo, presented "Regulating in the dark: Pesticide use data dilemmas and strategies". Dr. Werner shared results from her research group's analysis of the FAO's pesticide use database, including a recent major revision concerning China's official reporting. Finally, Dr. Mempel and Dr. Berndt presented "Mapping the pesticide industry: What do we know about the geographies of pesticide production and trade?", giving insights from ongoing research and outlook.

Related publication
Castro-Vargas, M. S., & Werner, M. (2023). Regulation by impasse: Pesticide registration, capital and the state in Costa Rica. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 6(2), 901–922.

Further information
The Generic Herbicide Industry: A Global Production Network Analysis
Project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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