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Department of Geography

Publication: On the Construction of 24 Hours Care for the Elderly in the Swiss Media

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Abstract: This article analyses Swiss media coverage of 24 hours care between 2003 and 2013. Based on a discourse analysis we observe that the dominant media discourse speaks of a booming market that criticises agencies, victimises carers and idealises home care. In our discussion we analyse these results with a focus on the so-called blind spots of this media discourse. In particular, we challenge the claim of a boom in 24h care, shed light on the negative aspects of home care, and address the ignored responsibility of the family as employer.


Schwiter, Karin / Pelzelmayer, Katharina / Thurnherr, Isabelle (2018) Ein boomender Markt? Die Konstruktion der 24-Stunden-Betreuung für ältere Menschen in den Schweizer Medien. In: Swiss Journal of Sociology, 44(1), 157-181.