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Department of Geography

Social and Cultural Geography

Our group traces the transformation of cities and urban societies from a socio-cultural perspective: We explore urban space as an arena for the construction of social relations and divisions; we document how people navigate urban space, negotiate difference and shape possibilities; and we examine how such negotiations are patterned by socio-spatial divisions, politico-economic relations and power at multiple scales. In particular, the social and cultural geography group develops research on urban marginalization, global socio-spatial inequalities and possibilities for urban change. We incorporate different theoretical perspectives including postcolonial approaches, critical urban theories and feminist thought to explore case studies across the global North and South.

  • Mexico City Stock Exchange, 2019 (Photo: H. Hilbrandt)

  • Allotment gardens in Berlin, 2019 (Photo: M. Berger)

  • Eviction in Dortmund, 2018, (Photo: Student Research Group, TU Dortmund)

  • Vacant Hannibal II Building Complex in Dortmund, 2018 (Photo: H. Hilbrandt)

  • Urban development at the Periphery of Mexico City, 2019 (Photo: H. Hilbrandt)


  • Julie Ren joins Urban Geography as Book Reviews Editor

    New guidelines and an editorial establish her vision for the journal section.

  • Dr Yimin Zhao joins SoKu as an SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellow

    Seeking to develop alternative understandings of the urban political in China, Dr Yimin Zhao from Renmin University of China joined SoKu in February 2023, funded by a one-year Swiss Postdoctoral

  • SoKu wins UZH Teaching Fund Award

    Awarded for the project "KoLab: Collaborative Lehrforschung in der Stadt”

  • Interview at Tsüri magazine about the politics of interim use

    Ifigeneia Dimitrakou discussed with Coraline Celiker about the politics of interim use in the context of the evacuation of the Koch Areal and the mobilization of the squatting scene in Zurich.

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Forschungswerkstatt Sozial- und Kulturgeographie

Zurich Human Geography Colloquium (ZHGK)

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Upcoming events

  • 6.6.2023, 16:00: The Cene Scene: Centering Indigenous and Black Environmental Visions

    Prof Sara Smith, Professor of Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ort: Y25, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zürich; Raum: H 79


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