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Department of Geography Spatial Genetics

Isabelle Helfenstein
Isabelle Helfenstein
PhD candidate

Remote Sensing
Spatial Genetics

Tel.: 044 63 55249
Room number: Y25 J 24

Fields of activity

Ph.D. Student
Scientific work in the fields of Remote Sensing, biodiversity monitoring, and ecology in temperate forest ecosystems
Ph.D. Thesis: Biodiversity from Space (working title)

National Point of Contact for Satellite Images NPOC
Part of the scientific consultation team to advise Swiss authorities, research agencies, commercial providers, and end-users to promote the use of satellite and Earth observation data


Helfenstein, I. S., Schneider, F. D., Schaepman, M. E. & Morsdorf, F. (2022): Assessing biodiversity from space: Impact of spatial and spectral resolution on trait-based functional diversity. Remote Sens. Environ. 275, 113024.


Earth observation, Imaging spectroscopy
Optical UAV-, Airborne-, and Satellite Remote Sensing
Scaling of real-world processes to large scale Remote Sensing
Ecology, Biodiversity, Forest Management
Temperate and boreal forest ecosystems
Knowledge transfer and Science communication