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Department of Geography Spatial Genetics

Plant Ecology and Global Change

In the Plant Ecology and Global Change group, we are interested in how ecological communities respond to global change drivers. We seek to understand how intra- and interspecific diversity and rapid evolution separately or interactively shape plant community stability and functioning in changing and deteriorating environments. Using experiments in the field, in the glasshouse, and in the lab with both aquatic and terrestrial plants, we assess how biodiversity relates to the future of plant populations under global change. To do so, we're using an interdisciplinary approach in which we blend plant community ecology and population ecology with ecological genomics and remote sensing tools.  

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Group leader

Dr. Sofia van Moorsel 

Group members

Jolanda Klaver (MSc student)
Dave Kurath (MSc student)

Past group members

Sofia Vámos (MSc student, 2021–2022)
Lorena Lanthemann (BSc student, 2021)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Spatial Genetics