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Department of Geography Remote Sensing of Water Systems

SARLab: Environmental SAR

remote sinsing switzerland

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing is providing an ever-increasing number and diversity of sensor types. We are working to establish higher level products with geophysical retrievals both more useful and more understandable to users than raw radar backscatter values. SAR sensors are more reliable than their optical counterparts for monitoring applications, as they can operate at night and see through clouds. We are developing tools to maximise the utility of available observations, enabling monitoring applications through the analysis of time-series, e.g. for monitoring seasonal melting of snow, forest damage and water cycle dynamics.

Group members

Dr. David Small (Group leader)

Lidia Amarandi (PhD candidate)

Kien Nguyen (Affiliated PhD candidate)

    Christoph Rohner (PhD candidate)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Remote Sensing of Water Systems