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“The Intimate and Everyday Geopolitics of the Russian War Against Ukraine”

PGG Postdoc Sven Daniel Wolfe collaborates with a group of critical Ukrainian and Russian scholars to publish a forum article for the flagship journal Geopolitics.

War against Ukraine

 “The Intimate and Everyday Geopolitics of the Russian War Against Ukraine” consists of an introduction by Sven Daniel Wolfe followed by a set of essays by Olena Denysenko, Dina Krichker, Olga Rebro and Maria Gunko. The essay authors, all scholars at risk, have taken significant personal risks to put their intimate experiences and analyses into published words. The set developed over many months of slow research, sometimes writing in the midst of bombing in Kyiv, when forced to leave Mariupol overnight as they took notes, and while speaking against their government.


The contributions in this Forum analyse the Russian war against Ukraine from the micro perspective of everyday life, conveyed by scholars who have been impacted at a variety of personal levels. Framed within the existential threat that continues to endanger Ukrainians and Ukraine, the contributions collected here embrace the messiness of lived experience away from the grand narratives that circulate at global scales. Instead, the authors explore a variety of processes of situated bordering that fracture not just territory, but also families and individual lives. In so doing, they shine light on the people and places where geopolitics takes shape on the ground. Taken together, this collection provides a nuanced and human-scale exploration of one of the most momentous geopolitical events in recent history.

Citation: Wolfe, S. D., Denysenko, O., Krichker, D., Rebro, O., & Gunko, M. (2023). The Intimate and Everyday Geopolitics of the Russian War Against Ukraine. Geopolitics, 1–28.

Photo by Maria Gunko, March 2023