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Department of Geography Political Geography

Christoph Vogel

Christoph Vogel, Dr.

  • Research Associate
Room number
Y25 L 64

My academic engagement is perched at the intersection of critical geography, conflict studies and political anthropology, in addition to a keen interest in the ethics and metholodogies of complex fieldwork. The Great Lakes region in Central Africa being the empirical focus of my research, I currently work on two main topics, the governance of 'conflict minerals' in eastern Congo as well as dynamics of violent conflict and mobilization in eastern Congo's landscape of armed groups.

Academic Publications

Refeered journals

Vogel, C. & Stearns, J. (2018): Kivu's Intractable Security Conundrum, revisited. African Affairs,

Vogel, C. (2018): Between Tags and Guns: Fragmentations of Public Authority in Eastern DRC's 3T Mines. Political Geography,Vol. 63, pp. 94–103.

Vogel, C., Musamba, J. & Radley, B. (2018): A miner’s canary in eastern Congo: Formalisation of artisanal 3T mining and precarious livelihoods in South Kivu. The Extractive Industries and Society, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 73–80.

Vogel, C. & Musamba, J. (2017): Brokers of Crisis: the everyday uncertainty of Eastern Congo’s mineral négociants. Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol. 55, No. 4, pp. 567-592. 

Vogel, C. & Raeymaekers, T. (2016): Terr(it)or(ies) of Peace? The Congolese Mining Frontier and the Fight against ‘Conflict Minerals’. Antipode, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp. 1102-1121.

Musamba, J. & Vogel, C. (2016): Rapprochements ethnolinguistiques aux zones minières artisanales à l’est de la RD Congo. Annuaire des Grand Lacs 2015/2016, pp. 207-231.

Radley, B. & Vogel, C. (2015): Fighting windmills in eastern Congo?  The ambiguous impact of the ‘Conflict Minerals’ movement. The Extractive Industries and Society, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 406-410.

Vogel, C. (2014): Contested Statehood, Security Dilemmas and Militia Politics: The Rise and Transformation of Raia Mutomboki in eastern DRC. Annuaire des Grand Lacs 2013/2014, pp. 307-330.

Ponthieu, A., Vogel, C. & Derderian, K. (2014): Without Precedent or Prejudice? UNSC Resolution 2098 and its potential implications for humanitarian space in Eastern Congo and beyond. Journal of Humanitarian Assistance, Tufts University.


Vogel, C. (2012):  Operational Stalemate or Politically Induced Failure? On the Dynamics Influencing Humanitarian Aid in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag, Marburg.

PhD dissertation

Vogel, C. (2018): Conflict Minerals, Inc. - Transnational Regulation, Fragmented Authority and Violent Resource Networks in Eastern Congo. Unpublished monograph, University of Zurich.

Other refeered publications

Stearns, J. & Vogel, C. (2017):  The Landscape of Armed Groups in Eastern Congo: Fragmented, politicized networks. Congo Research Group. New York University. (in french here)

Vogel, C. & Musamba, J. (2016): Recycling rebels? Demobilization in the Congo. Usalama Project II. Rift Valley Institute, London. (in french here)

Stearns, J. & Vogel, C. (2015): The Landscape of Armed Groups in the Eastern Congo (with Jason Stearns). Congo Research Group. New York University. (in french here)

Vogel, C. (2014): Islands of Stability or Swamps of Insecurity? MONUSCO’s intervention brigade and the danger of emerging security voids in eastern Congo. Egmont Institute, Brussels.

Vogel, C. (2014): La MONUSCO : une mission de maintien de paix en trouble ? Actes du Colloque. Pole Institute, pp. 139-143.

Brabant, J. & Vogel, C. (2014): In Their Eyes: The perception of aid and humanitarian workers by irregular combatants in the Democratic Republic of Congo . INSO, London. 2014

Vogel, C. (2012): Causes of the Congolese Civil Wars and their implications for Humanitarian Assistance. Cologne University.

Vogel, C. (2010): The Africa Policy of ‘normative’ power EU considering Cotonou Agreement and promotion of EPAs. Cologne University.

Non-academic publications

Official reports

Behalal, Zobel/Vogel, Christoph et al. (2017): Final Report of the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2017/672). New York, United Nations.

Sharp, Michael/Vogel, Christoph et al. (2016): Midterm Report of the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2016/1102). New York, United Nations.

Edited volumes and series

Vogel, Christoph (2015): The evolving landscape of Armed Groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Vogel, Christoph (2015): Amani Itakuya II Essay Series.

Vogel, Christoph (2013): Amani Itakuya I Essay Series.

Analyses and opinion pieces

UN Peacekeepers killed in Congo. Here is what we know.

Washington Post. Washington, 2017.

Congolese Mathematics: Kabila, elections, and the slide rule of dialogue & duress

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The dogged persistence of the FDLR

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“Just let us fight, and the war will end” – a review of Justine Brabants new book on eastern Congo

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New documentary film, ‘We Will Win Peace,’ skillfully debunks many myths behind conflict minerals in the Congo

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Les minerais du sang ou les avatars de la bonne conscience

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After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

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Why was the UN sidelined in “joint” DRC operation against rebels?

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Review: Peaceland – Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention

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DRC: Conflict minerals movement at a crossroads

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In eastern Congo, economic colonialism in the guise of ethical consumption?

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Assessing the performance of MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade

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Peace accords, but the puzzle still perplexes 

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Eastern DRC: Stop Fixating on Conflict Minerals

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Dancing with the Word “Genocide”

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Reconfiguring the state in eastern DRC: fixing the unfixable?

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DRC: The Amani Festival Shows Off Goma’s Fun Side

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Autopsie d’une stabilisation complexe de l’ONU en République Démocratique du Congo

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Musicians sing for peace at DRC festival

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DR Congo risks violence despite rebel defeat

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With M23 gone, will other armed groups in Eastern DRC demobilise?

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Say my name: How ‘shout-outs’ keep Congolese musicians in the money

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North Kivu braces for potential UN-armed group clashes

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UN’s elite force raises the stakes in DRC

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DRC: Who are the Raïa Mutomboki?

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Thin-Skinned quarrels: MONUSCO and Humanitarian Action in the Congo

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Why Herbst and Mills are wrong about Congo’s “invisible state”

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Taking the Fight to the DRC Rebels: The Potential Pitfalls of a UN Intervention Brigade

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Congo’s Most Powerful Rebel Speaks

Real Clear World, Washington. 2013.


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Apple and Samsung suppliers linked to child labor in Africa, report says

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FDLR resurfacing poses huge threat to Great Lakes security

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Kongos zersplitterte Opposition

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Rogue army for a fragile state

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Crossing the line

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DR Congo Delays Disputed Law After Deadly Protests

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Kongos Präsident unter Druck 

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